Imagine someone telling you a truth about yourself that you've hidden from the world for a lifetime, maybe even from yourself. You feel exposed, found out, stunned. Wouldn't you resent the messenger, even if (or especially if) "compassionate"? So often, what we like to call our compassion contains pride and condescension, and who wants that? I know this because Rodger showed it to me in my own dream behavior, which stung.

The compassion I feel from Rodger is genuine, the kind that comes from his own suffering. This is extremely rare, especially when combined with blunt honesty, and I can tell the difference now. Thus over time a deep level of trust has developed for me.

My profound sense of relief at not having to hide or pretend any longer about my most painful and shameful self, and to be told at the same time I'm not the bad person I've spent a lifetime concealing -- it's hard to put this experience into words. And to have this occur not just once, but week after week, is radically transformative, my own inner Big Bang and expanding universe.

Along with this goes Rodger's intense engagement in each session, his excitement, and encouragement. Towards the beginning of the dreamwork Rodger would often say about a dream which seemed fairly humdrum to me that it was "an extraordinary dream." Now, that took me aback. As I began to learn more about my lost Boy and Girl, I could feel Rodger's Boy, and he was actually excited about my dream. This helped me feel firsthand how the therapist views this work not as a job but a calling. The work of each client matters, and the client feels and absorbs this profoundly. The trust, encouragement, and support a client feels in this work over time is beyond description and feels beyond words of gratitude.

My pride tends to seize on foolish things that don't amount to much. But if there is a good kind of pride, I think I feel that about this work, a real sense of accomplishment that's unfamiliar to me. I feel proud of the work I've done and feel I'll stick with it in a way I haven't with other pursuits. Usually I have trouble knowing desire, let alone following it, so I'm grateful for this strong desire that doesn't seem to falter. When I was only a few years old I often dreamt of a fox floating beside me down a long tunnel from the dreamworld, who carried dream objects and people with us back to waking life. I had that dream so many times it's burned into my brain, and in a way feel I'm circling back to it now, some 50 years later. .

Before the Saints finally won the Super Bowl this year, the local newspaper held a contest to choose a headline that could possibly express the joy of that moment. The winning choice greeted us in gargantuan letters the day after � a single word: Amen, showing us in the end the experience was beyond words.

That's how I feel now: By some miracle, it's not too late for me after all. I get to live before I die. Amen.


My dreams have been speaking to me for years. Finally I have found a way to listen. Working with Rodger has helped me to discover an inner life within me. A life that before now I barely knew existed. Until recently, I have been mostly acquainted with my outer life. I have an awesome family, home, job, good health etc. I have it all. Really, what more could I ask for? So I wondered why I kept having this nagging feeling that something was missing. For years, I've been seeking-- searching-- an uneasy anxiety always just beneath the surface. In one of my searching moments, I stumbled upon Oprah interviewing Rodger about his book, "The History of Last Night's Dream". It took a year and a shocking, middle of the night dream before I actually picked up the book to read it. The book immediately drew me in and before even finishing it; I made a decision to try the dreamwork. Although, initially I was hesitant to make any kind of commitment, I realize now that my decision to work with Rodger was a life changing one. I see it as teamwork. Rodger, the dreams, and I work together to open the door to my inner life. The dreams are part of that inner life but they also hold the key to it as well. They are so smart, so honest. They know more about me than I do - if that makes any sense. That is where Rodger's expertise comes in. Often, I think I have got the dreams figured out. Then I talk to Rodger and see that I have missed so much. All of us have blind spots that make it difficult to see ourselves. There is often much about ourselves that we don't really want to face, but that is exactly what we need to do in order to grow and become unstuck. Rodger has an ability to see further into the dream than I can. He hits on aspects of my life that I hadn't realized I needed to pay attention to. It is uncanny how "right on" he can be. He patiently works to tease out my feelings (or lack of feelings) associated with each dream. With every session, connection to my inner life, my inner world grows. With this connection, I continue to move toward a more fulfilled life with incredible depth and feeling. For a more detailed chronology of the work that I am doing with Rodger, visit my blog at